Public Confession (Or, I watch too much CNN)

October 25, 2004 § 3 Comments

It’s just occurred to me that I have yet to write a post about politics. This is immensely strange, given that I am a deeply political animal and that the US election is less than eight days away. I will now endeavour to correct this omission; consider yourselves warned.

If I were an American, as quite a few of my friends are, I would vote for Ralph Nader on November 2nd. Yes, I am being serious – and to the Americans among you, please don’t shoot me. However, this was not always the case. Earlier in the electoral year, I was briefly seduced by the “Anyone but Bush” doctrine, which, as I understand it, holds that the current political situation is sufficiently dire that progressive citizens have an ethical obligation to vote Democrat in spite of their misgivings about the party and/or its current leader.

This is, at first glance, a reasonably compelling argument. Bush, or more accurately, the cabal of Rove/Cheney/Wolfowitz/etc. for which he acts as the endearingly oafish figurehead, has managed in four short years to annul the separation of Church and State; to reinstate economic policies that give free reign to the most despicable of his nation’s robber-barons while consigning the majority of its citizens to working poverty; and, in his spare time, to destroy a formerly viable nation-state and thus nudge the Middle East to the brink of regional collapse. Without question, things are every bit as bleak as they appear.

However, I do not believe for a moment that a John Kerrey administration will enact anything but cosmetic change. I wish it would, but having followed this infernally long campaign since day one I am now convinced that Kerrey is more concerned with securing political power than with governing on the basis of political principles. Speak out against the war in Iraq? Nah, too dicey; better to present yourself as a gun-toting, camo-wearing hawk than to risk alienating the dreaded swing states. Reject the growing influence of religious conservatives on social and educational policy? Heaven forbid: it’s far more politically expedient to kiss Catholic ass in full view of a salivating horde of cable-news spin jockeys. Identify the corporate class as the real force behind virtually all political decision-making in your country and, as Halliburton and its anonymous cohorts so aptly demonstrate, in the international sphere? Then where would your so-called liberal, so-called democratic party get its financial support?

No, Nader is absolutely right: America’s two-party system is profoundly, irredeemably corrupt and it has got to go. Now.

Cue voice-over: Hi, I’m Vila H. and I approved this message.


§ 3 Responses to Public Confession (Or, I watch too much CNN)

  • Anonymous says:

    You know, I honestly like Kerry, and not just because he isn’t bush. I think he’s intelligent, and interesting. He’s going to try to fix health care. Nader is lame, utterly lame.

  • Anonymous says:

    You know, I honestly like Kerry as well. I’m actually excited to vote for him; I think he’s brilliant and honest, although considering the fact that he is a politician, he probably will prove me wrong on that last bit. He has a markedly different platform and way of viewing the world than Bush (he actually has some understanding of how the rest of the world thinks). Also, his wife is awesome–any man with that picks a wife like her has to have his wits about him.

  • Vila H. says:

    Oh, I’d vote for Teresa Heinz-Kerrey in a heartbeat. She’s intelligent, well-spoken, and, quite unlike her husband, not at all afraid of pissing people off. But then she’s not running for public office, is she?

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