Hell is other people

March 14, 2005 § 5 Comments


Sartre without his cigarette?! Bastards…

Having thus commenced the philosopher’s castration, the censors will next recast his politics as liberal-moderate.

Then, they will forbid him to fraternize with Jean Genet.

Then, they will replace Simone de Beauvoir with a suburban housewife.

Then, they will rewrite No Exit so that the inseparables are not, in fact, murderers, but vegan social workers who have agreed to meet for afternoon tea.

And then, the world will be a better place. Really.


§ 5 Responses to Hell is other people

  • khansahib says:

    Good god, Sartre without tobacco?? For shame, it should be every intellectual’s right to puff away whilst waxing poetics.

    How can we let history be re-written this way, ‘sanitized’. I must protest. What if somebody wants to research the history of the exhibition posters of retrospectives of smoking intellectuals in France? Does this mean that smoking intellectuals never exisited????? Sorry, I think I’m overreacting….maybe..a little……I need a smoke.

  • mtlanglo says:

    odd- shattnerian and I were discussing our high school production of No Exit just minutes before I met you saturday night!
    Very odd, odd world!

  • Vila H. says:

    *laughs* I played Inez in my high school production of No Exit. I’ll assume you played Garcin?

    Nice pic, by the way…

  • mtlanglo says:

    ;) me so hot! No, I directed/ect- Shat played Garcin- overall I wasn’t too happy with the translation we used, but oh well!

    I had never heard of it being done as a high school play before you! How was your Estelle?

  • Vila H. says:

    Well, I did go to an alternative high school, which may help to explain things!

    My Inez was suitably jaundiced, and very much inspired by Glenda Jackson’s performance in a BBC radio version of the play. Donald Pleasance played Garcin, although I can’t for the life of me remember who played Estelle. Hmm…

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