July 5, 2005 § Leave a comment

The day is as hot and wet as soup and the rain isn’t cooling it. I am trying very hard not to be afraid of lightning, but I still flinch every time it flashes.

The cats are curled up in their fur and oddly still; none of us eat when it’s like this. Everything is on hold as the rain comes down in thick, dark sheets.

I’ve always been afraid of lightning, though I’m better than I was. I’m not afraid of heights or snakes, and I actually like the sensation of flying. I used to be afraid of fast cars too, but for some reason I’m not anymore.

I’ve just noticed that my street is completely flooded. Cars move through the water like speedboats, pushing tall waves onto the abandoned sidewalks.

The rain isn’t stopping. I was going to go out to buy bread but I don’t think I will now. I’ll just stay where I am and wait it out.

God, it’s a strange summer this year.


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