April 17, 2006 § 2 Comments

It’s official: I am sick and tired of being broke.

Wait, that’s not quite right. What I mean to say is, I am sick and tired of working my ass off and still being broke.

Hmm, I think a list is in order, don’t you?

Things I would do if I wasn’t broke:

1. See a first-run movie

I saw one last summer. It was fun.

2. Buy music

The last CD I bought was Arcade Fire’s Funeral, which was released in 2004.

3. Buy underwear

If my mother wasn’t as crazy as a loon, she’d be horrified at the state of my underwear. Which is still vastly better than the state of my socks.

4. Get away from it all

The last time I went on vacation was to New York City in May of 2002. New Yorkers were still rude back then, which is just how I like ’em.

5. Pay off Simone’s vet bills

How the fuck can it cost almost $600 dollars to do absolutely nothing for your dying cat except put her to sleep?

6. Buy a pair of shoes

I own exactly one pair of shoes: five-year old black Cons that have holes in both heels and one toe. I also own a pair of combat boots that I bought when I was in undergrad, but they’re boots so they don’t count.

7. Drink a brand of beer that isn’t on special

Boréal is always on special. I hate Boréal.

8. Drink something other than beer

At my age, I should be drinking martinis. With my twenty-three year old lover. In Paris.

9. Pay for my physiotherapy

According to the Quebec government, it’s one of life’s little luxuries.

10. Buy a lottery ticket

‘Cause this could be my lucky day. It could be, couldn’t it? C’mon, lie to me, will you?


§ 2 Responses to Milestone

  • bob says:

    Buy music? Mais Vila, it’s the 21st century! Download, my sweet naive friend! What is wrong with you? Are you churning your own butter too?

  • Vila H. says:

    They didn’t have music when my computer was made. Back then, all people did was play Tetrus and stare at fire.

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