Changes Three

May 8, 2006 § 8 Comments

I went on a date this weekend.

At least…

I think that’s what they’re called.


§ 8 Responses to Changes Three

  • Chivas989 says:

    How Did it go?

  • Vila H. says:

    He was a perfect gentleman.

  • Anonymous says:

    Hi Vila,

    Sounds like it was nice. Perfect gentleman.. but?

    staring at black
    what could be said,
    should be said
    ready, in perfect form
    will be lost again
    goodnight to a stranger


  • Anonymous says:

    You’re such a tease Vila.

  • Chivas989 says:

    A perfect Gentleman, eh? Is that what you’re looking for?

  • dianna says:

    We can only hope there wasn’t a bible study on you’re date or a conversation about the evils of spooning.

  • Vila H. says:

    The evils of spooning? Don’t think I’ve heard that one before…

    So, what are your thoughts on gentlemen, D?

  • xanthium says:

    Being myself, I’m going to offer my unsolicited opinion on gentlemen. My ex is a gentleman–we have been seeing each other at least once a week since I’ve been living in his area. He’s bought me expensive dinners, stared deeply in my eyes, and not so much as tried to hold my hand. It’s very sweet, and I’m sure it is infinitely wiser not to be physically involved, but I really would rather get laid. So I’m going to say that generally I prefer a gentleman, but, like all good things in life, only in moderation, because sometimes a girl just wants to have fun.

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