Ryan Larkin, 1943-2007

February 16, 2007 § 2 Comments


Such sad news.

I would see him at the Copa sometimes, back when we were both regulars.  He asked me for a cigarette once, and when I gave it to him he did a little dance.  I smiled, not letting on that I knew who he was.  No one needs that.

Being honest with you, I hated that film. Though the animation was extraordinary, the director was so blinded by judgment that he missed the stories Larkin might have revealed.  The ones people tell when they know you mean to understand them.

I haven’t set foot in the Copa since last spring.  More and more, I can’t bear to. 

[Copa link via Midnight Poutine]


§ 2 Responses to Ryan Larkin, 1943-2007

  • Alison Cummins says:

    I liked the film… but then I thought that the subject of it was “the tragedy of being blinded by judgement.”

    If you think the film is about Ryan, then it’s a failure, definitely.

  • Vila H. says:

    If Ryan fails, although I wouldn’t use that term, it fails, for me, on an ethical level. The director struggles with the fact that Larkin is simulataneously an idea and a person–a struggle that in some sense defines all auto/biographical documentary–but in the end, he doesn’t allow his encounter with Larkin, the person, to transform his relationship with Larkin, the idea. To put it another way, Larkin remains a means and not an end, which troubles me.

    You can see some of this in the film Alter Egos, which, to his credit, the director participated in and which, I think, is an essential companion piece to Ryan. Of course, YMMV.

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