Girl, interrupted

February 24, 2007 § 6 Comments

Drinks last night with a new friend, and the night before with an old one.  A hangover is keeping me home today, as is the uncompromising February cold.

It isn’t the same now, drinking.  The course of conversation is altered, becoming slowly more distracted before stopping altogether.  Parkas are zipped, scarves arranged, mittens donned; finally, you venture outside, bracing against the wind as your half-finished drink warms without you on the bar.  If you’re lucky, it’s still there when you return.  If not, you’re out half a drink.

A truly good conversation is as much an art as good lovemaking, which is to say that both have music at their core.  There is a pulse that ebbs and flows, and, underneath, a common rhythm to be found.  When it’s good, the conversationalist becomes that rhythm, instinctively responding to the slightest variations in tempo, the little rushes and lags, which conspire to sweeten the story’s eventual resolution.

In this sense, leaving a bar for a cigarette is no different than taking a cold shower every time you think you’re about to come.

As I walked home last night, I toyed with the idea of hosting a smokers’ salon, the primary goal of which would be to preserve the art of conversation during these long winter months.  Someone has to do it, no?   

§ 6 Responses to Girl, interrupted

  • womanforlife says:

    Brilliant idea! There’s way too little real conversation going on in the world, and winter is definitely the best time to cozy up and indulge.

  • tornwordo says:

    At Sky, you don’t have to go outside now. The apartment adjoining has become the smoker’s lounge.

  • d says:

    long live the outdoor terrass

  • Vila H. says:

    womanforlife–I’d say so. Great blog, btw. :-)

    Tornwordo–So it’s actually true! I have got to get out to the Village more often…

    d–Oh my god, I am counting the days. (Sighs.)

  • europosh says:

    I came to live in the U.S. of A. (from Europe) and I felt so sorry for all of us smokers, who had to interrupt the best time just to have a smoke. but I always had this consolation – when I go back home, to Europe, I can smoke and eat and drink at the same time, what a beautiful life! then the news started coming: one country after another bans smoking indoors…
    I seriously began considering the idea of designating one of the rooms in my future home for a smoking lounge.

  • Vila H. says:

    Failing that, you could always move to Belgrade. :)

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