One year

March 16, 2007 § 5 Comments


 I still miss you, baby girl.


§ 5 Responses to One year

  • erwin1 says:

    I can’t believe its been a whole thoughts are with you…

  • Vila H. says:

    Thanks. Time sure fucking flies, doesn’t it?

  • Caron says:

    Was just thinking about Simone when your Lucas was mentioned the other day. Also hard to believe it’s been a year. Here’s wishing her sweet soul some peace and lots of tuna can water. (Or, a the Jews say: May her memory be for a blessing.)

  • Vila H. says:

    For a minute there, I was really confused. And then I realized that you meant “Ivan” when you wrote “Lucas”. Which is still an excellent name for a cat. :-)

    I am incredibly touched that you remembered the tuna water story, though. That was the last day I believed she might still be okay. (Sighs.) Anyway, thanks…

  • Caron says:

    Ivan. Lucas. For some reasons those names are interchangable in my whacked out brain. Too much green beer perhaps. Maybe if you get another cat you can name him Lucas. Anyway…

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