April 6, 2007 § 8 Comments

To celebrate my infectious disease-free status–and, as luck would have it, the arrival of my second student loan installment–I decided to treat myself to some nice things today.  You know: underwear; a camisole; a couple of shirts.  Nothing especially fancy, and all very much on sale, but things that nevertheless fall into the category of luxuries when one lives on a student loan.

The item that drove me over the edge, though, was a bar of soap.  A preposterously expensive bar of soap.  Soap, in fact, that no graduate student should even know exists, much less contemplate buying.  Soap that has likely inspired guerilla movements in Latin America and may be responsible for the fall of communism.

I was introduced to this soap by Arit, who, not being a graduate student, occasionally brings home a bar.  Ever since, I have made it a point to wash my hands during even the briefest visit to her apartment.  Afterwards, I feel inexplicably happy and strangely optimistic about the state of the world, which leads me to suspect the covert involvement of the pharmaceutical industry in the soap’s manufacture.  Which, in this case, I am content to overlook.

So, today, having survived eye shingles and an HIV scare and an April snowfall, I spent fourteen dollars on a single bar of soap.  Tonight, I will cleanse every inch of my body with it; then, I will put on my new underwear and camisole, slip under my bedcovers, and sleep the sleep of the dead.  Mmm…


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