Vila Dreams of Electric Sheep; or, Radioactivity, Day Two

May 15, 2007 § 5 Comments


After struggling to stay awake until a respectable hour, I succumbed to sleep soon after 9:00 PM last night.  It was a deep, strange slumber, impervious to external sensory stimuli and entirely unaffected by unconscious urgings.  For a time, I simply ceased to exist, which I suppose is the closest an atheist can come to a near-death experience. 

I awoke briefly at 2:00 AM, had a radioactive pee and then returned to bed.  This time, I fell into a hyperactive dream state that continued for many hours.  It was relentless, this dreaming, with each sequence coming fast on the heels of that which preceded it, as if by conveyor belt.  As before, I had no awareness of the waking world nor of the fact that I was dreaming; therefore, I did not think to try to stop the onslaught.

When I awoke for the second time, it was almost 2:00 PM.  Bewildered, I stared at the alarm clock I had neglected to set the night before, and it eventually dawned on me that I had been asleep for a total of almost seventeen hours.  I also had a blinding headache, which persists despite generous doses of caffeine and Advil, and I remain thoroughly disoriented as another night looms.  Without question, my circadian rhythms are way fucked.

I wonder: is it possible that low levels of radiation can cause, in certain predisposed individuals, an excess of dreaming?  More to the point, can one overdose on dreams?  If so, then I am clearly suffering from a dream hangover, for which there is seemingly no cure.  (Sighs.)  It’s gonna be a long night…     


§ 5 Responses to Vila Dreams of Electric Sheep; or, Radioactivity, Day Two

  • April says:

    The radioactive tracer could be causing the headaches.
    You might want to mention it to your physician. I believe there are rare cases of people who have allergic reactions to it. Although, i would assume they will tell you that the benefits of the scan outway the negative affects of the tracer.

  • Not to sound like Asclepius, but you may be mixing cause and effect (we do that lots with our bodies — allergic reactions, for example, or if you want to be more obtuse about it, the entire milieu intérieur). The ancients (inspired by Hippocrates’ dynamic view of the relationship btw. psyche and soma) were pretty big on dream healing. And the view that dreams, in some sense, were a insight into health.

    Then again, you can think of revolutionary figures likes Paracelsus, who was really into the healing power of metals (and other weird stuff besides…he basically figured out we are stardust…), and used “chemicals” (some of which were heavy elements…) as therapeutic tools. Then there’s metallotherapy (but that, admittedly, doesn’t involve internal consumption), popular during the mid-19th century and especially effective, it was said, in warding off Cholera…

    So I’m not sure which way to go on this one, but you definitely seem to be breaking some laws of physics over there. ;)

    I can’t help but comment on the off-hand PKD reference — guy’s everywhere these days…The lesson of his life? When life starts to feel like a science fiction story, it’s just getting interesting.

    Though there are better ways to go about it than getting irradiated.

    You take care of yourself out there in the stardust and cosmos, ya hear?

  • uberfrau says:

    damn, I bet you really were glowing.

  • Vila H. says:

    April–Thanks for the tip. You’d think someone would have mentioned it…

    Sparky–I do so love it when you spread your intellectual tailfeathers. ;) Thanks as well for the kind thoughts.

    Uberfrau–Hmm, if a tree glows in the forest…?

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