Hell hath no fury

May 29, 2007 § 3 Comments

I was the darling of the so-called left as long as I limited my protests to George Bush and the Republican Party. Of course, I was slandered and libeled by the right as a “tool” of the Democratic Party.  This label was to marginalize me and my message. How could a woman have an original thought, or be working outside of our “two-party” system?

However, when I started to hold the Democratic Party to the same standards that I held the Republican Party, support for my cause started to erode and the “left” started labeling me with the same slurs that the right used. I guess no one paid attention to me when I said that the issue of peace and people dying for no reason is not a matter of “right or left”, but “right and wrong.”

[ . . . ]

This is my resignation letter as the “face” of the American anti-war movement.  This is not my “Checkers” moment, because I will never give up trying to help people in the world who are harmed by the empire of the good old US of A, but I am finished working in, or outside of this system.  This system forcefully resists being helped and eats up the people who try to help it.  I am getting out before it totally consumes me or anymore people that I love and the rest of my resources.

Good-bye America…you are not the country that I love and I finally realized no matter how much I sacrifice, I can’t make you be that country unless you want it.

It’s up to you now.

 –Cindy Sheehan, via Daily Kos


§ 3 Responses to Hell hath no fury

  • drma says:

    read about it this morning, let a wave of disappointment and annoyance pass over me, had my coffee and started my day.

  • drma says:

    And that would be vague disappointment. I’m not even sure at what. Maybe this (and everything else..)?:


  • What’s she going to do now? Move to Paris? Is this a case of history repeating itself? Isn’t there a Marx quote about that? Something to do with farces? Or is it tragedies? Anyway, history is a real tragedy, I know that much. Bush trying to pronounce “civilians” as he looks up at the camera is a real tragedy. Or is it a farce? I don’t know…

    Anyway, the struggle continues. Now if I could only get wordpress to work properly…I’m such a technopeasant…

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