How it was before

June 1, 2007 § 5 Comments


Shortly before the Quebec smoking ban came into effect, James and I went to Bar Diana on St. Catherine Street West to take pictures.  The bar is a gathering place for the more marginalized of the neighbourhood’s residents, as well as some of its students at least one fellow blogger.  The pictures only hint at the conversations we had that night, but they seemed a fitting way to mark this particular anniversary.







§ 5 Responses to How it was before

  • Is it back in operation since that fire? Cool area of the city. All the bookstores around there are inspiring. There’s another Montreal institution — the Cock and Bull Pub — just down the way. Last night there was an amazing random bar band playing world class blues for the highly diverse and eclectic clientelle…which had included a guy who just as we got there face planted into the sidewalk and staggered around in a bloody mess before finally shuffling off. “Authentic” is all I can call it…

  • uberfrau says:

    Do you remember my birthday there and how something was dripping from the ceiling that smelt like cat piss?
    And that old guy gave me a necklace?
    that was way up there as a David Lynch birthday at the Bar Diana.

  • Vila H. says:

    Sparky: I’m so glad you put that in quotes.

    Uberfrau: I remember it well. I also remember that we wound up at the Cock and Bull afterwards, which was much less interesting, though infinitely sweeter-smelling.

  • xanthium says:

    Jeez, who doesn’t remember that place? All the invitees either looked terrified or disgusted–but who could blame them when we were drinking from the taps of a place that smelt like mold and piss? It was a worse choice for a birthday than the “Old West” piano bar in Sacramento that Di picked out for my 22nd.

  • husk says:

    Anyone ever lit up in a bar since the ban? I did :P

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