New moon, twelfth house

June 17, 2007 § 5 Comments

A sidewalk terrasse in Little Italy.  He is wearing a suit, but hasn’t shaved.  My bike is locked nearby. 

Our drinks come; he brims with words.  I listen, watching his movements, finding their pulse.  His thoughts light like matches before falling.  He is pure air.

Another round.  I notice circles, themes.  He is sensitive to danger, to how quickly things turn.  He braves knowing but keeps a close watch.

A third.  The matches become sex: stories, then secrets.  I accept his confidences, which feel like science.  He asks if it’s all right.  I say that it is.

One more.  Motorcycles shriek north; above, the moon has disappeared.  Riding home, I think about what I will write tomorrow.


§ 5 Responses to New moon, twelfth house

  • husk says:

    “He braves knowing but keeps a close watch” — Fuckin’ A, I do :D
    So cool that you posted that here! Thanks so much for coming over to my neck of the woods.

    And later, a fifth, sixth & seventh that shouldn’t have been: saved Vila (sorta!) from the drunken assaults of another, who then later cried like grown men rarely do in public.

    The final eight & nine: At the East Arc, freaks were hassling the barkeep forcing the matches to strike a flame. Went back home to attempt a “third” to no avail :P

  • Heather says:

    It sounds like I missed quite a night :)
    Again, I’m so sorry to have missed you two, but I’m glad you had fun.

  • Vila H. says:

    Husk: Next time, we’re drinking ’til close! (Grins.) You took pictures, didn’t you?

    Heather: We’ll try again soon. How did you fare at the garage?

  • husk says:

    Yeah I took a couple, but from the cellphone, they ain’t always winners :(

  • Vila H. says:

    Shame… our ashtray should have been immortalized.

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