Birthday wishes

June 18, 2007 § 4 Comments

A very happy birthday to Uberfrau, aka D., who turns thirty today.  This is her as a superhero:

Isn’t she fabulous? 

I have lately been hectoring D. to write a novel, or, more accurately, a collection of short stories.  The stories would chronicle the strange, sometimes touching, but always hilarious relationships that she has dissected on her blog over the years, which, as a whole, would say something vaguely depressing but terribly insightful about how our generation loves.  

I have since decided that the collection should be illustrated, in the manner of a comic book… er, I mean, “graphic novel.”  This format would not only bring her characters to visual life, like so–

–but would also open up a wide range of merchandising opportunities, including t-shirts, iPod cosies, and, eventually, a critically-acclaimed animated series that would tap into the zeitgeist of our time. 

And so, on the occasion of her thirtieth birthday, I invite you to send D. a word of encouragement via her new home, Happy Friday.  You can also wish her a happy birthday while you’re there.


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