July 3, 2007 § 3 Comments

Sit in sun. Sun goes behind cloud. Look at watch. Notice that second-hand does not always point directly at little marks on dial. Sometimes it does, though. Then sometimes it doesn’t. Why? Feel panic at how quickly life slips by. Get to work.

Nicholson Baker

I just finished reading Vox, so I was delighted to happen across this achingly perfect comment on my neurosis du jour.  I don’t really have anything to add, except that (a) Baker is a fabulous writer, and (b) there are few things I enjoy more than men writing about sex.  But that’s a digression for another day.

As of tonight, I’ve written a week of pages and have begun a second.  It feels good, and, with perseverance and an ounce of luck, it will eventually feel normal.  More than anything, I need this to feel normal–a part of life and not apart from it.  For now, a quick curtsy and a promise to move on to other things.   

Um, any requests?


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