July 10, 2007 § 3 Comments

Anyone who’s ever slept over at my house knows that my morning ritual consists of a cup of tea, a cigarette, and a quick scan of the local paper, which, if I have company, inevitably leads to a running commentary about the day’s news.  As a faint approximation of the experience, I’ve started a account for all the random bits of reading I find interesting but will never get around to blogging about, which you’ll find below.  

To get you started, I especially recommend the articles about indecent phonograph recordings from the 1890s, the Montreal cop’s take on the new Plateau wealthy, and the ideal of female fatness in Mauritania.   (Aside to Uberfrau: promise me you’ll read the last one!)

Also, I’ve just learned that bloggers can sidestep the New York Times‘ limit on web access to older articles by using the permalink provided in the “Share” drop-down on the right of the screen.  As its name implies, the link ensures continued access to the piece even after it moves to the paid archive, which is extremely cool.  Of course, the savvier among you probably knew this already, but I remain pleased.

Anyway, enjoy!


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