July 11, 2007 § 12 Comments

What do you think?  Is it me?


§ 12 Responses to Hmm

  • mtlanglo says:

    Looks great! The books in the background make a nice touch.

  • mare says:

    Darn. I can’t decipher the Dewey.

  • Serious and studious. Call numbers on the sides of books are, I don’t know, sexy. Very snazzy new look.

  • unslaked says:

    I adore the theme.

    Ditto for your blog, naturally.

    But, .. *squints*… the two of them together… Hmmm, to be honest, I am not quite sure. It LOOKS phenomenal, visually – what impact! Intense. Perhaps that is precisely the problem: design over-riding content.

    *slurps coffee thoughtfully*

    The starkness doesn’t quite gibe with what I know of you. Too “slick” maybe? (Think: poofy lounge chair vs. cafe chair.) Nowhere near as real as you are.

    Sorry, my dear – getting carried away as I always do – just thinking aloud, here. :/

    It does look nice, though.

  • zura says:

    Love the colours and photo… but I think I like the narrowness of the other one.

  • Nick says:

    I think it is beautiful! Even though I tend to prefer black text on a white background, there’s something appropriate about these grays for a blog about smoking.

  • Vila H. says:

    Thanks for all your feedback. Aesthetics aside, I’ve been hunting for a theme that would solve some of the problems I’ve experienced with the old one, which for the most part this theme does. Geekiness follows:

    * The font size of the main text is noticeably larger, as is the line spacing, which makes it easier for my overtaxed eyes to read.

    * The sidebar is a little wider, which allows more space for recent comment titles and links.

    * The text column is large enough to display medium-sized flickr photos, which the other was not. Also—nods to Zura—pictures look fantastic on a darker background.

    * The About pages are listed at the top instead of the side, which makes the sidebar feel less cluttered.

    * I’ve always had a thing for white-on-black themes, but I find that most sacrifice readability for their colour scheme. To my eyes, this one doesn’t.

    Having said all of this, I have yet to find the perfect theme, and there are things that rankle me a bit about this one. For example, I’m not crazy about the entry headers, which I’d prefer to sit at the bottom of each post rather than at the top. Also, I remain on the fence about the image border, which cannot be altered. Still, my sense is that, on balance, this theme improves on the last, though I do hope you’ll tell me if I’m wrong about this.

    Finally, as an aside to unslaked: I may prefer a simple café chair, but even I like to dress up every once in a while. (Smiles.) So long as the overall design works, I’ll do my best to rise to it.

    Oh, and Mare: HT690 G7 B87 1997.

  • mare says:

    Thanks! Tim Butler is one of my favourite authors.

  • Heather says:

    I love it. I think it’s absolutely gorgeous.

  • lizzie says:

    I like how the lit ciggie is foreshortened almost right outta the frame.

    But I kinda feel like I’m kneeling in front of the coffee table. Then again, not that strange a viewpoint for me, still just agile enough to sit on floors, and then to get up again when the phone rings or something.

    I dig the look.

  • Vila H. says:

    Mare: Oh, he is not! :)

    Heather: Thanks!

    Lizzie: Thanks, and welcome to my comment section! I often sit on floors, but I seldom kneel on them. I wonder what that means?

  • kirsten says:

    Just de-lurking to say: I like the new digs. Yep. Likin’ it. Very much.

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