July 25, 2007 § 10 Comments

Obesity is “contagious.”  It is spread from person to person “like a virus.”  The best way to avoid becoming obese is “avoid having fat friends.”

I am not making this shit up.  See?  Passive obesity!  But of course!

(Sighs.)  I realize that I am stating the obvious, but we are so far beyond fucked that fucked is utopia by comparison.

Or, maybe I’m just tired.

§ 10 Responses to Newsflash

  • but was this at a rate different than society as a whole? obesity numbers have been climbing for years.

    interesting study

  • flaneur says:

    I personally like the recommendation that a good way to combat catching this ‘disease’ is to become friends with a thin person. Better yet, why not just spend all your time poring over women’s magazines as a way to properly align your perception of appropriate body image? No need to work toward wider social change in terms of healthy environments and food choices – just Twiggy avatars for everyone!

  • Neel says:

    I find that story strange…I guess there must be exceptions to the rule…

  • uberfrau says:

    Hey Vila-Have you gained any weight recently?

  • Frank says:

    Very interesting study. But I don’t like some of the conclusions reached in the article. It looks to be more an influence rather than a cause and the reason for an epidemic. It’s interesting that it was due to friends and not family. If it was family, I would have chalked it up to portion sizes at meals. But since it is friends and not neighbors, it’s quite an interesting study in the influence of your peers.

    Personnally, I’ve noticed that I’ve considered losing weight after seeing close friends lose some. And likewise, when I was going up, seeing others doing the same lessened any stigma I was starting to feel about it.

  • Michel says:

    Damn, now with whom will I hang to appear thinner?

  • zura says:

    I wouldn’t say that obese people are to blame, I would say that certain socially acceptable habits are to blame. Lack of exercise, over-eating (we in north america eat in one sitting more than we really need), bad eating (sugar, sugar, carbs, sugar), just consuming the way we do in general is the culprit. I have plenty of friends from different fitness walks of life, and so I’d say this convenient theory makes little difference.

  • Heather says:

    And then we wonder why overweight children are made to feel terrible and ashamed of themselves and have a harder time making friends. Maybe it’s because the front page of our newspapers spread ridiculous nonsense and claim it as ‘science.’ Sick.

  • Sheer Voodoo. That’s not science, it’s sympathetic magic — medical advice by way of The Golden Bough. Anyway, the real truth is that it’s our whole society that is obese…Bloated, if you will. Studies like this are an illustration of said.

  • […] been thinking about your comments on yesterday’s post about the obesity study, all of which expressed at least a hint of skepticism about the study’s conclusions, if not […]

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