September 1, 2007 § 5 Comments

Understanding that some rules are made to be broken, I have decided to violate the cardinal rule of web-logging: namely, to never, ever blog when drunk.  Here goes…

It was a perfect evening, spent on a terrasse in a neighbourhood that still bears traces of what I love about this city.  I always worry–will anyone come?-but invariably they do, the old friends and the new and the ones in between.  Soon, we filled the tables under the vines that sheltered us from the empty threat of rain, and it was just warm enough to stay until late.

In a feat of spectacular timing, Liz came from Toronto and managed a whole carafe of wine before admitting defeat.  R. knocked back a double espresso and drank though the jet lag that followed him from Berlin.  A. bought me dark chocolate and my first drink, even though she’s flat broke and will be until her grant money comes in.  Arit came bearing good news and a relieved smile, ignoring the fact that she had to work the next day.  The Professors stayed for an impressively long time considering that the school year had started and they’ve just moved house.  And, finally, K. and I found an excuse to hang out, having admired each other from afar for entirely too long.

Still, as I walked home, not quite closing the place, I thought about the friend who was missing and has been since last summer.  When I arrived, I found a message waiting from James, who never remembers anything but who remembered today, even promising a handmade card in the mail.  And then I thought about how lucky I am to have these people in my life, and how, someday, I might actually deserve them.

Thirty-six, then.  Let’s have it.


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