October 11, 2007 § 5 Comments

For the first time in weeks, it was quiet today.  The landlord is renovating, which worries me.   I can’t afford a large rent increase, or even a small one, and now it is almost certain to come.  The noise has also shattered my daily rhythm, making both work and sleep impossible.  Some of you will detect a measure of irony in these circumstances.  I certainly have.

Door no. 3

Over the last eight years, I have listened as the sounds of my street have changed.  When I first arrived the most pervasive sound was music, which would drift from back balconies and parties and echo in the alleys.  Several years later, the buzz of renovations began, filling the daytime hours with drills and saws and night with the heavy flapping of tarpaulins.  Lately, there have been long stretches of silence, intermittently broken by the wails of newborns and, now, by my straggling landlord.

Door no. 2

Some sounds, however, have remained constant: schoolchildren at recess, my neighbour’s piano, the early morning trains.  Further north, a band practices twice a week as trucks lumber past, which means they might eventually get better. 

Door no. 1

Tonight, though, the street is almost perfectly still, and I hope it will be again tomorrow.


§ 5 Responses to Lull

  • mare says:

    I like your renovations. You should frame them, they’re real works of art. (For a -not so brief- moment I thought: What are these paintings doing in her post?)

    I’m sorry to hear that the landlord maintaining his property causes you so much aggrevation. On the other hand, as a landlord, I hope my current renovations cause as much aggrevation to my tenants. Is that irony as well, or just plain evil?

  • montrealguy says:

    How would your rent increase? What about the rent control?

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  • Vila H. says:

    Landlords are allowed to increase your rent to cover a portion of the cost of renovation work, and though the amount is limited by the Régie du logement, some will ask for more. You can find a brief summary of the process here.

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