Mercury retrograde continued; or, Up and Down

October 26, 2007 § 2 Comments

Okay, so last time I accidentally let slip that I identify more strongly with Grover than with any other Muppet.  Sure, I’d like to be as cool as Oscar, as unrepressed as Ernie, or as bitchin’ as Janis, but deep down, on most days, I am Grover.  And damn if I haven’t felt like it lately.

My most recent spate of Groverness reached a crescendo last week, when, after taking in a lecture by Michael Hardt, I discovered that my wallet had been stolen.  Again.  It was pretty much all downhill from there.  Soon afterward, and in no particular order, I got my ass kicked by my bank, my credit card company, the Ontario Student Assistance Program, the New York City rental market, hormones, insomnia, the weather, and the evil sons of bitches who keep recalling the books I am trying to read.  (Uncle, motherfuckers… UNCLE!)  Meanwhile, my thesis proposal rolled its eyes and started looking for another grad student to finish it, preferably one with more funding, nicer looks, and just a smidgen of poise.

Still, there were some bright spots along the way: a night on a terrasse with Setare; a colossally good drunk with Arit; an inspired late-afternoon coffee with un flaneur; a reassuring meeting with the Professor; an unexpected reunion with someone I once cared for deeply.  And, inexplicably, these sudden flashes of inspiration that appeared like road signs in a blind highway dark, reminding me that I’m still halfway to someplace good, even if the car is making weird rattling noises and smells a little funny.  I’ll still get there in the end.

So, to review: Mercury retrograde: check.  Saturn in Virgo: check.  Full moon in Taurus: check.

Oh, and speaking of Mercury retrograde, I recently learned that I was born during one, which apparently means this and explains a whole fuck of a lot.  Seriously.


§ 2 Responses to Mercury retrograde continued; or, Up and Down

  • Frank says:

    You’re really getting my interest piqued in astrology again. I used to be really into it in high school. So that would make the second interest from my high school days that have seen a rebirth. Photography is the other. Next I’ll start collecting old Wax Trax records.

    Your astrology insights have me very interested since we were born on almost the same day in cities not too far from each other. I’m not certain if Mercury was in retrograde at the time of my birth. But this past week or two has been more intense than usual.

  • Vila H. says:

    Careful, now–there are only so many obsessions a person can juggle at once. :)

    Okay, first, all signs are affected when Mercury goes retrograde, but Virgos and Geminis especially, and this retrograde period is said to have been particularly intense. It starts moving direct again on Thursday night, so things should start easing up then.

    Secondly, my sources tell me that Mercury was retrograde from August 12 through September 5, 1971, so you too are afflicted by the traits described above. The easiest way to get information about your birth chart is to create a free account on AstroDienst, which will draw up your chart for you and provide various bits of information about what it all means.

    And with that, I have officially become Nancy Reagan. (Bows.)

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