November 4, 2007 § 2 Comments

The sun set at 4:37 PM today.  To my mind, this is the first sign of winter, which actually begins its long, cold march with the imposition of Daylight Savings Time.

It was already dark when I went out to get bagels, and as I walked along St. Viateur I felt the change of seasons like a door closing behind me.  I smoked as I walked, singeing the acrylic of my dollar-store gloves and wishing I had worn thicker socks.

When I arrived at the shop, I noticed that the price of bagels had risen and said so.  In response, the men behind the counter grumped, “Ethanol,” and so began a surly conversation about the skyrocketing price of wheat.  After surveying the consequences of the mad rush to biofuels, we agreed that the world is run by idiots and went about our business.

When I returned home, I read the latest news from Pakistan and Kosovo, then turned my attention to the dishes.  I’ll get back to work tomorrow. 

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