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November 27, 2007 § 4 Comments

Via Planet Waves:

Remember, you are a world citizen. Well, really a cosmic citizen. You are of this Earth, but you feel your roots in something deeper, and that is (on the one hand) the sense of being different and (on the other) the odd impulse you have to live a mundane life, to be grounded, to be an anti-spiritual reactionary: a humanist. You need real ideas, actual evidence for what is so, and the freedom to chuck established dogma into the nearest municipal waste incinerator. Therefore, seek evidence for your most outrageous beliefs, and you will indeed find it. Contrary to the late Carl Sagan’s perfectly illogical (but seemingly sensible) pronouncement — that “extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof” — you need tangible evidence for what you observe and base your life on. You also need to subject it to question and ask what other outcomes are possible. Stick to the ordinary and what is close to home, and you will encounter that which, somewhat inconveniently, defies all rational belief.

Emphasis mine.


§ 4 Responses to Today’s horoscope

  • Alston says:

    So what are some of these outrageous beliefs?

  • unslaked says:

    I am currently seeking “evidence” that horoscopes mean shit-fuck-all. Mind you, I am on a cusp, so getting the straight dope is quite the exercise in synthesis.

    This post reminds me of the Sherlock Holmes quote: “…when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.”

    Belief is magnetic and snowball-y by nature – dynamic, methinks. Like flypaper, it tends to attract its own plausibilities ( including reasons to doubt, doubt being a belief in its own right), which in turn attracts more of the same. Or, as the new age types like to call it: The Law of Attraction.

    I mean, take John Lennon, for instance. He was borderline delusional with his megalomania, but, in the end, he DID get “more popular than Jesus”, didn’t he? He was talented, sure, but lots of folk are. His self-fulfilled prophecy must have had something to do with his success – however small.

    Anyway, I am rambling on. Like Alston, I too am wondering what you are on about with this cryptic post, hmmm? :)

  • Vila H. says:

    Hmm. I’m tempted to fire off a volley of contentious statements, which I may or may believe, just for the hell of it. But that’s not actually what I liked about this horoscope, which I also may or may not believe, but probably do. What I liked about it was that it captured something about the relationship between idealism and pragmatism, or, since I’m currently kneedeep in thesis effluent, between theory and practice, which feels to me to be very Virgo. It also provided a well-timed dose of optimism, a fuel I’ve been running low on of late. But that’s a matter for a lighter hour, or at least a slightly tipsier one.

  • unslaked says:

    Remember the comment discussion we had here about connectedness vs. space – and how to resolve the two seemingly dichotomous dynamics?

    A tandem betwixt the two IS possible. And it, also, hinges on trust: trusting that you can immerse yourself, fully, in one of them ( idealism or pragmatism ) without fear that somehow, you will lose your faculty for the other.

    What I mean is, I think if you’re anything like me, you probably sleep with one eye open in both regards. When hopeful, you still wait for the other shoe to drop. When life shits on you, defiance kicks in, and you scramble for silver linings.

    Anyway. When all else fails, a bottle of Sambuca helps to level things.

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