December 17, 2007 § 6 Comments

It sank in as I was shovelling the stairs, which had been shovelled at least twice since yesterday’s storm but were still buried in snow when I got home.  Pausing, I thought: I have written a forty-page dissertation proposal.  I have passed my defense.  I am, finally, ABD.   

I’m not much of a sports fan, but I’d be a fool not to use the best available analogy.  After a long losing streak, and in the scholarly equivalent of the bottom of the ninth, I hit it out of the park today.  And damn if that didn’t feel good.

Afterwards, I returned a sackful of library books and picked up my plane ticket, which will bring me to La Guardia airport on Friday.  As it happens, La Guardia, the mayor, makes an appearance in my proposal, so I’m choosing to take the coincidence as a good sign. 

Tonight, I’m tired and nursing a scotch and trying not to think about everything I have to do between now and then.  Somehow, it will all get done, and then I will write blog posts while chain-smoking in an apartment in New York City. 


§ 6 Responses to ABD

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