Storm One

March 9, 2008 § 6 Comments


Fuck, that was intense.

(Looks around.)

Everyone all right? 

Oh, and if you should happen to find my deck chairs…


§ 6 Responses to Storm One

  • tornwordo says:

    We were marveling at the window. This morning the car is buried.

  • mare says:

    With storms like this it is almost an adventure just staying inside.

    Last fall someone offered to shovel our backyard/driveway for $300 dollar after every storm. That seemed steep at the time, I kind of like shoveling and we’re too poor to hire other people to do our dirty work. But now I sometimes think we should have taken it. Th poor guy, who does do some of our neighbours yards, really has a very bad season.

  • Um, that was $300 for the *season.* Not for each snowfall.

    After this week’s dump, a flat $300 to dig us out just this once sounds almost reasonable.

  • Vila H. says:

    That’s less than a dollar a centimetre, which sounds like a bargain to me.

  • Frank says:

    Unfortunately (or fortunately) I was out of town. So I wasn’t around to help my wife dig out our car. She was able to flag down a passing snow tractor that dug us out for $30. It was worth it because each of us were only able to clear away about a fifth of our driveway after a good 45 minutes of hard work. This is craziness. I just hope it doesn’t all melt at once.

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