Grub first, then ethics

May 1, 2008 § 1 Comment

Appropriately enough, on this May Day a certain unnamed Montreal university finds itself deep in the mire of a protracted labour strike.  The normally docile campus is veritably throbbing with bad faith, as an ever-expanding cadre of high-ranking administrators subjects the thin bonds of collegiality to a campaign of repression and reprisal that reeks faintly of desperation.  These are, if nothing else, interesting times.

Meanwhile, I am still awaiting my student loan, which should have arrived weeks ago and which, in a slightly more perfect world, I would have no need of.  My friends have been quick with kindness, buying drinks they know I can’t afford and offering far more than that, all while politely ignoring the discomfort that tongue-ties my gratitude.  Still, today, I am seething with intensities and disappointments that feel electric under my skin.  I’m in good company, at least.



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