Still life with reno

May 9, 2008 § 4 Comments

The trees have leaves now, little ones that are exactly the colour of the pencil crayon Spring Green.  It’s still cold at night but I open my windows during the day, which are once again portals to the buzz of renovation work that is as much a sign of the season as tulips.

I would have thought that by now there would be nothing left to renovate.  Certainly, every window in the neighbourhood has already been replaced, as has every electrical wire and stairwell.  Perhaps it’s finally come to the installation of diamond encrusted kitchen islands and solid gold Jacuzzis, anything to wring the last drips of profit from a market that has started, finally, to cool.

Whatever the cause, the buzz is the soundtrack to a life that has lately become extraordinarily dull.  I am rationing everything–bus tickets, tampons, iron pills–and the relative success or failure of this endeavour determines my mood for the day.  Today, I spent ten minutes debating whether or not to buy a cup of coffee on my way to Arit’s place.  No, this is no fun at all.

Meanwhile, I read memos authored by a certain unnamed university trumpeting how well it treats its graduate students and I want to scream and cry at once.  Although I remain on the sidelines of the conflict, I hope the union kicks its lying, corporate ass all the way to Quebec City.  And with an ounce of luck, it will.


§ 4 Responses to Still life with reno

  • mare says:

    We still have a meal with your name on it over here…

  • un.slaked says:

    “I am rationing everything–bus tickets, tampons, iron pills–and the relative success or failure of this endeavour determines my mood for the day.”

    Well, that certainly struck a (very painful) chord w/ moi… Been there. And… will NEVER forget being there, either. It hems one in…

    BTW I’m planning on putting together a wee picnic in a coupla weekends from now at Parc Lafontaine, or maybe the mountain. I make kick-ass sandwiches – a fact which surprises many. Nay, astounds! I even own a frigging picnic basket. Wonders never cease… ;)

    YUL come?

    *bats eye-lashes*

    Bring a frisbee and a table cloth.

  • Vila H. says:

    Thanks to both of you. Mare, I’ll happily accept a dinner invitation just as soon as I can arrive with a bottle of wine in tow. And unslaked, it doesn’t surprise me at all to learn that you own a picnic basket. Which is to say, I’d love to. :)

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