In passing

January 23, 2009 § 4 Comments

Honestly, I feel as dull as a brick.

To begin with, it is cold.  Not as cold as it was last week or as it will be again tomorrow, but still very cold.  After a decade in this city, I still haven’t gotten used to its winters and I realize that I probably never will.

Secondly, I have no disposable income to speak of; therefore, I do not go out.  If I did, I would be forced to spend a substantial portion of the evening huddled against the cold so it’s probably just as well.

Thirdly, I am writing, which is to say that I spend a great deal of time summoning up the courage to write, which may be the dullest endeavour there is.  I also surf the Internet, which is almost as dull as not-writing but not quite.

Sometimes, I imagine myself drinking sangria on a terrasse with friends and I freeze the image in my mind as a promise to myself.  Then, I turn up the thermostat and get back to it.


§ 4 Responses to In passing

  • Pat Califia said that she* wrote porn because writing is just so hard and boring she might as well get off on it as compensation.

    *At the time.

  • Siobhan Curious says:

    Courage! Plug away, and let me take you out for a drink sometime soon as a reward. (To both of us…)

  • uberfrau says:

    God. I can’t believe how cold it is there, I have the weather for Montreal programed into my Ipod touch. I am really happy I never understood c. when I lived there.
    Just think, In june, you and I will sit on the terrase adn drink a lot of sangria, and also smoke a lot, and eat a lot of bagels.
    Ps. there seems to be a warming trend on the horizon.

  • Vila H. says:

    Alison: S/he makes an excellent point. I suppose it’s too late for porn school?

    Siobhan: A tempting offer. How’s February for you?

    Uberfrau: If by warming trend you mean snowstorm, then yes, it arrived today.

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