February 13, 2009 § Leave a comment

I’ve always had a bit of a crush on Rachel Maddow, but having read this Observer profile I think I’m in love.

Ten years ago she was an academic and committed Aids activist, a graduate of Stanford and a Rhodes scholar, trying to finish her doctorate of philosophy in political science at Oxford University. She seemed, if anything, hellbent on a life as a serious campaigner and academic, as far from the media spotlight as possible. When she was awarded the Rhodes scholarship it’s said she dyed her hair blue as a sign that she wasn’t part of the establishment. At Oxford she disliked rarefied collegiate life so much so that she escaped to a squat in a basement flat near Arsenal football ground in London and took a job for an Aids charity. Back in America she relocated to a particularly remote part of Massachusetts, where she hoped she’d be miserable: “I figured if I wasn’t happy I would get my doctorate finished.”

Isn’t she dreamy?  And she had trouble finishing her doctorate!  (Swoons.)  As for whether making yourself miserable actually helps, well, I’ll let you know.


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