June 11, 2009 § 2 Comments

What doctoral students in my field actually do:

I propose that what Communism needs is a rebranding campaign to sex it up a little; to bring it forward into the 21st century. I think that a political party could probably put forward a lot of Communist ideas as long as they adamantly denied that they were Communist ideas whenever anyone asked. They could call themselves the National Conservative Democrats or something and no one would be the wiser.

If they wanted to be even more hip, of course, then they could take the revolution online and make up a whole bunch of campaigns with savvy sexy kids in their 20s with wavy hair and colourful clothes talking about how technology is helping everyone to learn to share everything now and that this idea of sharing should be infectious and spread into every sector…because that’s the way things work now.

The screen fades to red and the title credits come on in bright yellow:

iMarx …the way things work now.

–paidbytheword, “Rebranding the Revolution.”


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